Bathrooms really aren’t complete anymore without a niche -- or several -- studding your shower wall to make an ingenious storage area for shampoo, conditioner, shaving products and body wash.  Adding niches to shower areas, for the practical storage capabilities and the beautiful accent. 

3. Drainage for the shower niche

With water splashing all around, it’s no surprise that shower niches can hold moisture. To avoid creating a stagnant pool, make your niche angle forward so it sheds water properly. The niche tiles should tip out toward the shower and in the direction of the drain.

  Picking a Location

For a tub they make sense just above the tub surface, as you’ll be lying down when you reach for that shampoo, but in a shower they should be much higher, around 48 in., so you don’t have to lean down to reach anything.

A terrific shampoo/soap shower niche or recess starts long before you start troweling thinset on the wall. Think carefully about where to locate the niche. Place it away from the area of shower splashing that comes heavily off your head and shoulders and hits the wall toward the front of the shower. Avoid placing a cubbyhole in an exterior wall, where the lack of insulation once you cut between the studs can freeze your bath products solid -- not the best start to a shower. Mark on your green board or bare studs the approximate height you want your niche or niches -- but hold off for now on setting the exact final point for the bottom and top shelves.

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​If you don't have the budget for a new tub or would rather just have a walk-in shower, then a shampoo/soap shower niche is a great compromise. These niches are reasonably priced and can be installed as recesses in the wall of your shower with tiled mosaics.

Shampoo/Soap shower niches are important so that you don't have to have bottles on the ground of the shower or on the edge of a tub. Soaps, shampoos, shaving cream, body wash, and other products can be tripped over, and if they are on the floor, then their liquids can leave a slippery residue.

Consider installing a shampoo/soap shower niche in your shower 

Conditioner, shampoo, body wash are just a few of the everyday products we love to keep handy in the shower. The problem is storing these must-haves in a way that still leaves your bathroom feeling clean and clutter-free.

This is why we make a point to talk about tile shampoo/soap shower niches with our costumers. A shower niche is an often-overlooked design element that can leave you feeling much happier about your bathroom remodel.

1. Location of the shower niche

Homeowners have flexibility to customize the location of the niche to the space. Looking for lots of storage? A niche can wrap around the wall, connecting to adjacent walls. Prefer something subtler? Position your niche on the smallest wall of your shower.

In addition to considering the wall placement of the niche, it’s also important to think about height. Be mindful of placing the niche at the right height from the floor so you won’t have to reach too high or low to use your bathroom products.

If you’re installing a niche in a shower/tub combination, position the niche so you can access bath products easily whether you’re taking a bath or a shower. In a family home, a slightly lower height will allow kids to reach everything safely.

Bathroom tile tip
When choosing tiles, be aware of how the tile will fill the shower niche space. Ideally, the tile will fit symmetrically around the niche for a clean look. Need professional shampoo/soap shower niche? visit our store at

Benefits of a shampoo/soap shower niche

Costumers who opt for a shower niche see many advantages; the most obvious is storage. Who wants to see their bath products on the floor or unorganized in a corner? Niches give your shampoo, conditioner and other items a home.

Another advantage of opting for a shampoo/soap shower niche is in the design. A shower niche can catch your eye and add flair to the shower while accentuating the bathroom’s overall look. It’s also a chance to repeat a unique tile or pattern used in the overall design. Want to make your niche a focal point? Try adding contrasting tiles.

Shampoo/soap shower niches can be considered art in an otherwise empty space. When niches highlight a shower design, their seemingly understated presence gives the shower a bolder and more beautiful end result. When designing your niche, however, there are three important details to consider.

Shampoo/Soap Shower Niche

2. Size of the tile shower niche

Once you decide on the location of your shampoo/soap shower niche, it’s time to finalize the size of the cubby. Homeowners should measure the tallest of their favorite bath products and make the niche at least 1-inch taller. This way you can ensure everything fits perfectly in the new storage space.

Size 14W X 22H X 4D. Shampoo/Soap Shower Niche. 

Overall size 17 1/4W x  25 1/4H X 4D
Tiles set directly on surface 
 Easy installation
100% mold free
SKU - SSN1422

14W x 14H x 4D Shampoo/Soap Shower Niche. 
Overall size 16 W x 16 H
Tiles set directly on surface 
Easy installation
100% mold free
SKU - SN1414